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Shaka Zulu 1986 South African war series

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First expedition of white people try to reach the region of Natal conquered by the tribe of Zulu under their fearless leader Shaka. Lieutenant Farewell wants to establish an ivory trading post, which is quite risky since Shaka is known for being ruthless and even tyrannical ruler. While the British reach his kraal the legends about the Zulu king prove to be right.

In 19th century the Natal region of southern Africa was a place, that white people preferred to avoid, even though it was full of elephants and ivory was one of the most precious things that were exported from Africa. New king, Shaka, united the different Zulu tribes into one big army and ruthlessly conquered the region, step by step building his empire. For British and Dutch colonists in the south he was a tide wave that one day will flood their cities. Retired soldier, Lieutenant Farewell, was determined to establish an ivory trading post in Natal and together with few men of his ship that crashed on the coast, was one of the first white people to reach Shaka. On arrival they realized that his empire is built on fear and tyranny, but first meeting with king himself showed them a man they did not expected - he was very intelligent and at the same time was intimidating with his appearance. But when they learned his life story it was hard for them not to understand why Zulus are following him in cult-like manner.

South African TV series about Shaka, the king of Zulus that changed the face of the southern Africa, changed the way the tribes were fighting the war, united them under his command and built the foundations under the military power that later almost defeated the British forces in Anglo-Zulu war. The series concentrated mostly on the life story of Shaka and contains plenty of subplots, that make the whole production lose pace, but overall it is TV series made with impressive effort and unique atmosphere.


  • During the production of Shaka Zulu South Africa was still under sanctions for the apartheid policy, thus the distribution of the series was limited in 1980s and British actors that took part in the project were almost blacklisted by United Nations.

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