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Black Brigade 1970 war movie

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The 1960s in America were turbulent times - the assassinations of Martin Luther King and President John F. Kennedy were just small part of the social revolution that was aiming to stop the violence and stop the racial segregation. Even though the World War 2 has ended 20 years earlier the situation of black Americans have not changed much and when Black Brigade premiered in ABC in 1970 it was one of the first films that showed how during World War 2 black soldiers were treated by US Army.

Even though there already were war movies that presented how minorities fought in US Army (f.e. Go For Broke from 1951 in which white officer was put in charge of soldiers of Japanese descent) in 1970 the theme of black soldiers fighting in World War 2 was something unknown to the wider audience. Imagine how depressing it must have been that 25 years after the war only brave white boys were shown in the war movies chasing after the enemy. Black Brigade (also known as Carter’s Army) shows the other side of the story - how black soldiers were kept by US Army as far away from front lines as possible. They were given such tasks as digging the latrines, peeling the potatoes or carrying ammunition, but actually sending them into fight was unthinkable for the generals.

Unfortunately Black Brigade was TV movie, which means there was no big budget, there were no special effects available, the production was kept really cheap. Even though few of the actors were well known, like Richard Pryor, Roosevelt Grier, Billy Dee Williams or Moses Gunn, the script was very low quality, full of cliches and abysmal dialogues. Black Brigade is shining example of well-meant production that ended up badly.


  • Originally aired as part of ABC Movie of the Week anthology series.

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