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Flat Top 1952 American war movie

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It is sort of tradition with war movies that when the US Army, US Navy or any of their military formation give their blessing to a production (together with access to the military equipment) they are somehow get involved in the tiny changes to the script. Usually this means a disaster for the movie, because soldiers are not good writers, not to mention they keep telling the same story again and again... Unfortunately Flat Top is not a exception.

World War 2 on Pacific, Commander Dan Collier aboard one of the American aircraft carriers is preparing a group of inexperienced pilots to their first combat mission. All of them are straight from basic training and it is up to him to prepare them for the worst, which for him means introducing them to a strict discipline and hard training. His second in command Lieutenant Joe Rodgers has different view on the matter, he saw action in the Pacific and knows that Japanese Zero fighters are dangerous enemy, but he prefers to guide the subordinates rather than order and punish them. One of the fresh pilots, Barney Smith, has made a wobbly landing on the carrier and ignored the signals of deck crew to make another approach. For Collier it is enough to ground him - even though they are about to face the enemy he does not want in his group a pilot that does not follow the orders.

Two officers, two different approaches to training - one is very strict, demands discipline at all time and prefers hard training, the other is more a father-figure, who looks after the soldiers. Have you heard that story before? Yes, you have, either in Run Silent Run Deep, The Caine Mutiny, Away All Boats, Take the Higher Ground! or Men of the Fighting Lady, because when army officials get involved in the production they want only one story to be told - Americans are the best, hard training makes them the best, strict discipline is the best. Flat Top unfortunately offers very little apart from the same old story.


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