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G.I. Jane 1997 war movie

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When politics meet with political correctness young woman has to prove to the whole world that she is as good as the best soldiers in US Army. Sounds like a perfect inspiring story worth talents of such director as Ridley Scott. Unless...

Unless... you forget to write a script. Well not a script, the script - the inspiring story, the great heroism, the moment the old rules ceased to exist. I guess no one knew you need a good script to tell good story, so what we were offered was Demi Moore in sexy outfits (ok, that one actually worked), Ridley Scott who forgot how to make movies, the script filled with trivial gibberish, scenes leading to nowhere.

It would be all fine if you can get some fresh and inspiring at the end, you know, the great finale that will make all the previous scenes worth your time... Nope, they forgot to make great finale as well. Fair enough, there is a finale, but when you see it you will realize you just wasted 2 hours of your time.


  • In real life women were allowed to be trained as SEALs in 2016...
  • While Demi Moore and the rest of the main cast took part in a boot camp in Florida (usual in case of war movies), Viggo Mortensen prepared for his role on his own for several months watching real instructors of special forces.

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