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Lone Survivor 2013 war movie

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What is the best way to commemorate the fallen soldiers? To tell their story, of course. Unless you are in Hollywood, then you make up some story and call it "based on true events" and put as much BS as possible to spice up the original events.

Lieutenant Murphy and his platoon of 3 Navy Seals are dropped from helicopter in the secluded part of the Afghanistan. Their target in that mission was Ahmad Shah, local Al Qaeda high level member. Once they arrive to the vicinity of the village where he is hiding it is clear that four commandos is not enough to attack the whole unit that is guarding the target. To make things worse Americans have communication problems and are unable to confirm their orders with HQ. Soon three goat herders accidentally stumble upon the Seals and situation suddenly changes completely.

Lone Survivor is another example how true story can be turned into pulp fiction by insane Hollywood tendency to spice up the real events and lose any credibility in the process. Ahmad Shah was not part of Al Qaeda, he wasn’t close associate of Osama Bin Laden, he wasn’t responsible for death of 20 American soldiers, the goat herders were probably not that big problem for the Seals, there are no solid data how many enemies they have encountered, some of the events were completely changed. All of it raises interesting question - what is the point of making "based on true events" movie since most of the events in the story were changed anyway? Lone Survivor is another sentimental propaganda of US Army how great they are and how all foreigners deserve to die. Just another pile of BS.

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