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Red Dawn 1984 war movie

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Classic movies are not always those that are very old, those that are made with greatest skill, had the best screenplay or the best cast. Classics are those movies that after the years are still attractive and still are fondly remembered. And Red Dawn is one of such movies - it can hardly be called a masterpiece, it can hardly be called a deep and complexed story, but it was good enough so many people still enjoy it over 30 years later.

Soviet paratroopers suddenly land in the middle of Colorado - the residents of small town are surprised, but it is obvious that invasion of United States have started. The paratroopers shoot people on the spot or arrest them and put in crude prison camp in the middle of the town. Group of teenagers avoid being captured and flee into the woods. The rural area around the town is the safest place for them - enemy troops can’t control the whole area, so they can hide among the nearby mountains. With limited supplies and armed only with hunting rifles they have no choice than... attack the invaders.

Wolverines became the icon of 1980s because of Red Dawn and the actors that took part in the movie made impressive careers: Patrick Swayze, Lea Thompson, C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Grey, Charlie Sheen. Supported by veterans Powers Booth and Richard Dean Stanton (both of which unfortunately died in 2017) the film was a mixture of World War III scenario, the American spirit of freedom and adventure. After over 30 years it is still entertaining film with few interesting twists and good old-fashion action scenes.


  • Emilio Estevez was suppose to play the part of Jed, that finally was played by Patrick Swayze. This would mean that two real brothers would play brothers in Red Dawn, since Charlie Sheen is brother of Emilio Estevez.
  • In a way film was a reference to Soviet-Afghan war of 1980s during which Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and the Mujahideen were forced to use guerilla tactics to match the power of Soviet tanks and helicopters.

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