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Rules of Engagement 2000 war movie

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There were some great war movies in history, there were some telling the unforgettable stories, there were some that asked a philosophical question, some that shown the true nature of human kind. Well, Rules of Engagement 2000 war movie' title='Rules of Engagement 2000 war movie' target=_blank>Rules of Engagement would not qualify for any of those categories...

While serving in Vietnam US Marines unit is ambushed in the middle of the jungle. While the commanding officer is wounded Childers threatens to kill an unarmed prisoner if the captured enemy officer won’t stop the attack. Years later Childers is a US Marines colonel put in charge of operation in Yemen - since the situation in that country became tense the American embassy is surrounded by protesters with staff trapped inside. Childers have to evacuate the ambassador and his family, which seems simple enough using the helicopters, but on the arrival colonel realizes the situation is far worse than his superiors were describing it. Not only the protesters are throwing stones and Molotov’s cocktails there are also armed men on the roofs of nearby houses. While Childers managed to get the ambassador unharmed some of his men were wounded and he gave the order to shoot back...

While on the surface Rules of Engagement 2000 war movie' title='Rules of Engagement 2000 war movie' target=_blank>Rules of Engagement is a multi-layer story about US Marines colonel facing a tough decision under fire the film is full of childish dialogues and cliches - from running under fire to save the flag, through theatrical saluting, tough talk about brave Marines and oversimplified character Rules of Engagement is a festival of poor acting and even poorer writing. Of course I suppose there was some deeper message in this whole mess, but it is hard to grasp the final touch - what is "we are Americans so we shoot whoever we want", "I was in Vietnam so I shoot whoever I want" or "I was traumatized in previous conflict and should not be in the army any more, but they put me in charge or poorly prepared mission"? For me the single line that would sum up this whole horrible film would be "if they would only take a smoke grenade on that mission"...


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