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Windtalkers 2002 war movie

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Once Nicolas Cage was considered to be actor with great potential, but with time the productions he chose to join were... deeply concerning to put it nicely. From infamous Wicker Man to slightly bizarre Left Behind his career seems to be a constant roller-coaster of bad choices and really bad choices and glimpse of hope from time to time. Windtalkers was one of the production that he actually should not be ashamed of... Comparing.

The term "true story" has lost a lot in recent decades when it comes to Hollywood - it could mean anything from "all that you will see have really happened" to "at least one of the things that you will see have actually happened". Windtalkers is based on a true story of Navajo Indians that were used by US Army in the capacity of cryptographers, which might sound odd, but actually there was a brilliant idea hidden behind that scheme. The Navajo language was so obscure and only handful of people actually spoke it outside of Navajo tribe, so using them to pass the radio massages was a genius idea. Even if intercepted by Japanese the informations were useless since there wasn’t a single translator in Japan able to decode the message.

But every brilliant plan has a weak point and this case the weak spot were the Windtalkers, Navajo soldiers serving in front line troops - even if one of them would be captured by Japanese the whole concept would be useless. Each of the Windtalker was given a guardian angel, experienced Marine to watch over them and protect them in the battlefield, but also to kill them if there was any danger that the Windtalker would be captured by Japanese.

Chinese director John Woo was slightly odd idea for Windtalkers - his portfolio was full of high quality action flicks, but most of them lacked any depth. And unfortunately this rule was copied in Windtalkers - his style took over the quality of the true story of Navajo soldiers and from what might have been a great war movie the final effect was not bad, but definitely Woo did not make use of the full potential of the story. Nicolas Cage did his best and certainly wasn’t the worst in the case, but the actors in supporting roles did not saved the film.


  • MGM spent a lot of money and effort to use the right equipment in the movie - from replicas of the weapons to the radios used during the Pacific Campaign.

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