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Sometimes in April 2005 anti-war movie

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In 1994 the civil war in Rwanda has changed - the Hutu militia took the matters in their own hands and solved the tension between them and Tutsi in worst possible way - by genocide. Civilians were trapped in country turning into chaos, while the world just watched it on TV, not wanting to get involved, even to save the civilians from being killed on the streets.

In April 1994 in Kigali, capitol city of Rwanda, the situation was already tense - the Hutu propaganda was spreading, the government was putting effort in preparing the Hutu militia for the final solution of their problem, the hated Tutsi elites. Augustin Muganza was Hutu, an officer in Rwandan army, but was married to Tutsi woman, Jeanne, which put their whole family in danger. While all the Tutsi were presented by the propaganda as the worst enemy that has to be dealt with, Hutu married to Tutsi were on the lists of traitors of their own tribe. For Augustin the violence that erupted on the streets of Kigali was a shock - he knew the tensions were high, but now suddenly he had no way to protect his family. His brother, Honore, was star of the local radio and Hutu militia hero, so Augustin had no choice than ask him for help...

Drama set during the Tutsi massacres in Rwanda in 1994, in style and construction the story is very similar to famous Hotel Rwanda, but unlike Hotel Rwanda this story is fiction. There is also another difference - while Hotel Rwanda was concentrating on the desperate situation of people trapped in the hotel in Kigali, Sometimes in April show a bigger picture, including the lack of any sort of action from United States. Despite the fact that Americans knew what was going on in Rwanda they did nothing to help the civilians. A very moving film, although a fiction, still showing the atmosphere in country that is on a verge of collapse and people trapped in hell on Earth.


  • The prime minster's children are shown to be killed,but in real life,her children were saved from hiding by a brave UN solider from Ghana and then resettled in Swizterland. In the book Shake Hands With The Devil by Canadian UN colonel, it is said that the prime minster and her husband gave themselves up to protect their children,who were hiding in the house.

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