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A Hill in Korea 1956 war movie

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In 1951 the Korean War seemed to be almost over - the North Korea’s offensive that almost wiped out South Korean army took a nasty turn when United Nations have joined the conflict and in September 1950 American forces landed near Inchon. The attack on important logistics centre cut down the morale of North Korean soldiers and forced them to retreat. But when it seemed that North Korea is no longer a threat in December 1950 Communist China decided to step in and again change the balance of the conflict.

A Hill in Korea takes place in 1951 when Chinese offensive pushed the United Nations forces away from the Chinese border. A small unit of British infantry is trying to avoid being surrounded by enemy, so they retreat to where they expect to find other UN forces. Lieutenant Butler is in charge of the platoon, but in reality Sergeant Payne and Corporal Ryker are running the unit using their experience of professional soldiers. When one of their own men dies during the search of a deserted village they all are shocked, but soon they realize they have another problem - it seems that Chinese might finally cut them off from British units.

War film based on Max Catto novel is hardly a masterpiece, although the cast that includes George Baker, Harry Andrews, Stanley Baker, Victor Maddern and young Michael Caine, is impressive the script lacked originality and was a bit dry. Film shows interesting part of history, but does it in less than interesting way.


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