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Eye in the Sky 2015 British war drama

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In the era of drones and satellites the watching the action that takes places thousands of miles away or attack target in a country without invading is no longer a problem. But the problem is that someone has to make the final decision and that is a problem as Colonel Katherine Powell realizes during the covert operation in Kenya.

Colonel Katherine Powell is in charge of the operation in Kenya, where dangerous terrorists have been located. Powell is in contact with the Kenyan forces, who are ready to arrest the targets once all three of them are in same location, also she is in contact with the British defence minister - she has everything that she needs to finally, after six long years, catch the British woman, who became one of the leaders of Al-Shabaab. But when they are ready to move in the terrorists relocate to another building, where it will be much harder to reach them. Using modern surveillance equipment agents are able to confirm that all three targets are present in the building, but also they discover that two suicide bombers are being prepared to attack civilians somewhere in Kenya. On one hand Powell has to hurry before the bombers will set out to more crowded areas, but on the other hand the whole operation has changed from single arrest to assassination attempt and none of the politicians wants to take responsibility for making the decision.

British drama that shows how the modern equipment made it easy to operate on the targets many miles away, but at the same time made it hard to make the final decision taking under consideration the moral and legal aspects of the actions. Great cast (Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman), interesting story, although the whole thing, similar to other British war film War Book lacked the depth.


  • The part that Helen Mirren played was originally written for a male actor.
  • The last film of Alan Rickman before his death in January 2016.
  • Director Gavin Hood also played the part of Lieutenant Colonel Ed Walsh.

Eye in the Sky 2015 British war drama british war movies american drones special operations

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You’ve been watching for years, but never realized it

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