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Ironclad 2011 war film

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War movie based on true events that depicts medieval battle with Brian Cox, James Purefoy and Paul Giamatti - sounds great, right? Of course it does - there were very little medieval times war movies lately, not to mention good ones.

In recent years there were very little movies that took place in medieval times, not to mention war movies about that era, so Jonathan English Ironclad seemed like sure candidate to be new classic. Unfortunately something went wrong. And then it got worse.

First of all the cast that includes such stars as Brian Cox, James Purefoy, Derek Jacobi, Paul Giamatti and Kate Mara could suggest one of the two things - it is project so great that actors simply wanted to be involved in it, or it is so bad that creators tried to improve their chances by hiring well known faces. Unfortunately it is the latter of cases - the script is very loosely based on real events (there was King John, there was a siege in 1215, but rest is more or less made up or creatively mixed at best).

Ironclad is one of those movies, that sound great as an idea, but end up terrible while they hit the screens - from cartoonish characters, incoherent script that has too many thing as the same time, up to complete disregard to historical events. Ironclad is all over the place - it tries hard to be serious production, but at the same time budget limitations or poor creative choices left us with film that is very forgettable.


  • In real life the French forces did arrived to the castle, but 6 months AFTER the siege has ended.
  • Despite playing main character Paul Giamatti filmed all his scenes in just 7 days.

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