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Revolution 1985 British war movie

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When war suddenly brake out the civilians are always the first casualties - not on the battlefields, but in their own homes. People’s lives are shattered by the conflicts, men have to join the army, farmers have to provide food for the soldiers, the women have to deal with the life without their husbands or sons. Tom Dobb was one of such victims - when American revolution against the British Empire have started he wanted to stay away from politics, but as it is common, when you try to avoid politics, the politics will invade your life anyway.

Tom Dobb, a fur trapper, arrives to Boston in worst possible time for someone, who tries to stay away from politics - the American Revolutionary War is about to begin and he accidentally gets involved when his son is signed up to serve in the army, while his boats together will all the goods aboard are requisitioned. Dobb tries to save his son and get compensation for his property, but in the chaos that has began he is unable to do anything. Seeing no other option he signs up to serve in the army to be close to his son and protect him. Their first battle, the Battle of Long Island, ends up in disaster...

British war movie about ordinary people dragged into revolution against their will - they tried to live their lives, but ended up serving in the Continental Army during the conflict for independence for their homeland. While Al Pacino did well most of the movie did not impressed the audience after premiere and with time did not gained any value - the script is ok, but the characters of British soldiers are a bit one-dimensional and the whole production lacks depth.


  • The film was on its release the biggest and most expensive box-office disaster in British film history and was almost single-handedly responsible for a decade-long financial crisis in the industry after the massive losses scared off city financing for British films for years to come.
  • Reportedly Al Pacino was crushed by the film flop and took hiatus for four years to regain his balance.

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