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The Silver Fleet 1943 British war movie

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British war movies made during the World War 2 had rather unique approach to the conflict - while f.e. German such movies appealed to the patriotism, American were showing their brave soldiers doing the impossible things, the British productions were concentrating on the human aspect of the conflict - In Which We Serve, We Dive at Dawn or One of Our Aircraft is Missing were showing not how great the British army is, but rather on how the Britons or their allies are coping with the war. The Silver Fleet was no exception...

Jaap van Leyden, owner of successful shipyard that used to make submarines, was forced to close his business after Germans have invaded Holland. This was hard for him to deal with - he had to lay off his workers and close the shipyard that his predecessors were building for decades. Suddenly he is contacted by the German authorities, who offer him a chance to re-open his business. Not without conditions, of course, he would transfer part of the ownership to the Germans and would build submarines on their orders. Van Leyden is torn between his loyalty to his workers and to himself - he would love to build subs again, but at the same time he do not wish to collaborate with the Nazis. While waiting for his son to finish the school he hears the teacher telling kids the story of Dutch hero, Piet Hein, who intercepted Spanish Silver Fleet in 17th century. That story helps him make up his mind.

Just like In Which We Serve, We Dive at Dawn or One of Our Aircraft is Missing this movie tells the story that take place during World War 2 and is directly linked to the conflict, but at the same time it is unusual war movie - the story concentrates on Dutch shipyard owner during German occupation and his dilemma: how to re-open the business and keep the occupants happy, but at the same time be true to himself and his values. While made on very low budget (as most of the British productions from World War 2 era) it grasped the atmosphere of occupied Holland, in which you could not tell which of your neighbours could be resistance member or German collaborator.


  • Emeric Pressburger wrote the original story, but was unhappy with the way it was handled, especially the way the brutality of the Nazis was diminished, so he didn't allow his name to be used as a writer. He was happy to leave his name on the film as a producer.

The Silver Fleet 1943 British war movie british war movies dutch resistance

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