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The Wild Geese 1978 British war movie

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Not every good movie makes a great impact straight after the premiere, some of them it takes a while to find the audience, some never actually does find it. But this does not mean they are bad movies, sometimes they just unlucky, are overseen due to some random factors. The Wild Geese is not exactly any of that cases really - it is one of the movies that are actually quite good, but never got the chance to shine.

Former Colonel Allen Faulkner is now a mercenary that will do what has to be done if the price is right. His new assignment is in London, where banker Sir Edward Matheson looks for a man, who could help him with a problem in one of the African countries. It is a small problem - it will be solved if Faulkner will rescue a single man kept in well guarded prison in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Africa. The details are important - this prisoner is former president of that African country, Julius Limbani, who will be executed soon by the current regime under General Ndofa. Faulkner accepts the mission, but he will require quite large sum of money to cover the costs and to hire all the men he needs. Most of them are his former comrades in arms - Lieutenant Shawn Fynn, planner Captain Rafer Janders and Sergeant Major Sandy Young - rest will be about 50 volunteers. The plan is simple, the mercenaries parachute over the prison area and few hours later are picked up by the same plane. But in politics and big business not everything is as simple as that.

Despite rather crude outlook The Wild Geese is actually great adventure flick set somewhere in southern Africa. Great cast and good story made this war movie a classic that is perhaps not as well known as it should be.

The Wild Geese 1978 British war movie british war movies

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