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The Great Escape 1963 classic war movie

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In 1942 Nazi Germany was in a difficult position - while western front hasn’t yet started they had to guard the English Channel, on the eastern front Russians were raising in power, in North Africa the Afrika Korps was struggling to get the upper hand and the resistance forces in Poland, France, Yugoslavia and other countries were putting a lot of strain on Wehrmacht. The last thing they needed is another problem, like dealing with the escapes of Allied officers from POW camps. But in 1942 they came up with interesting plan to solve that particular problem.

Germans needed all available man on the eastern front, the Allied invasion in the west seemed inevitable, so dealing with Allied officers making escape attempts wasn’t thing they would like to have on their mind. That’s how the idea for Stalag Luft III was born - to make a prisoners of war camp that would make any escapes impossible. They chose place in occupied Poland, where the soil was sandy, so it would be hard to dig a tunnel, they cut out all the trees around the camp, they prepared zones close to the wires that were forbidden to the prisoners. But the plan was more complexed - they also chose the prisoners that would be kept in Stalag Luft III. From all the POW camps they gathered all the Allied officers who were constantly trying to escape and they put them all together in the new camp, so it would be easier to keep an eye on them while they are kept in same place. But for the prisoners the fact that camp was built so the escapes would be impossible became a challenge...

Classic war movie based on true events that took place in 1943 near Zagan in occupied Poland - the biggest escape attempt of war so far. The film is a bit lengthy (almost 3 hours), but describes with details all the preparations they had to make for the escape be possible - from making civilian clothes to all the papers German citizen would have with him while travelling. Cast full of stars (Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, James Garner, James Coburn), adventure based on true events, and one of the classic war movies.

The Great Escape 1963 classic war movie classic war movies pow camp allied prisoners

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