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Where Eagles Dare 1968 war movie

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Plane of American general, one of the Overlords that have detailed knowledge about upcoming D-Day invasion in Europe, crashed somewhere in Germany. General is captured and taken to the Schloss Adler (Castle of Eagles) high in the Alps, where the only access is through cable cars. British intelligence chose their best man for the job - Major Smith, who leads his small unit of commandos straight into the nest of wasps.

Alistair MacLean was author of one of the finest adventure novels set during World War 2, because usually they were perfect mixture of deception, adventure, complex characters and plots that are more complicated than they seem. Where Eagles Dare is arguably the best of them - iconic setting high in the Alps, the cable cars as only way into the well guarded castle and the British commandos on covert operation. With Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood and Anton Diffring in the cast it was hard to except anything less than perfection.

Of course like most of the MacLean novels this one is also far from any sort of realism - from using helicopter as one of the main points of the story that takes place when they were still pretty much experimental vehicles, unrealistic operation of very small squad against large unit and a bit theatrical key scenes still it is one of the best adventure war movies that can be compared to The Guns of Navarone (also based on MacLean novel), The Dirty Dozen or Kelly’s Heroes (also starring Clint Eastwood).


  • The Schloss Hohenwerfen in Austria was used for filming of Schloss Adler, but there are no cable cars nowhere near the castle, they scenes that involve them were filmed in studio.

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