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Jack Strong 2014 Cold War thriller

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In 1970s Poland was still in the Warsaw Pact, the zone of Soviet influence, which was in a way form of occupation (Soviet army was present in all the countries of Warsaw Pact). This situation combined with repression towards the citizens lead to the birth of Solidarnosc (Solidarity), which in 1981 changed the face of Eastern Europe, and later the whole world.

WarGames 1983 Cold War thriller

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War Movies

What is the best way to present a thriller about genuine danger that could end all life on Earth within hours? Yes, you guessed it - by using Matthew Broderick as boy-genius and home-grown hacker and Ally Sheedy as girl-next-door, who for some unknown reason decides to hang around with him. Well, it wouldn’t be my personal choice, but obviously back in 1983 this was the best that Hollywood could do.

Ice Station Zebra 1968 Cold War thriller

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War Movies

While 1960s were rather bad times for American cinema, stuck between disaster movies and musicals, war movies were doing just great, mostly due to Cold War tension and the World War 2 nostalgia. Ice Station Zebra is one of the shining examples of that theory - thriller set aboard the nuclear submarine travelling to North Pole area in secret mission.

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