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Jack Strong 2014 Cold War thriller

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In 1970s Poland was still in the Warsaw Pact, the zone of Soviet influence, which was in a way form of occupation (Soviet army was present in all the countries of Warsaw Pact). This situation combined with repression towards the citizens lead to the birth of Solidarnosc (Solidarity), which in 1981 changed the face of Eastern Europe, and later the whole world.

Jack Strong tells the story of not well known in the world episode of Cold War, the controversial case of Ryszard Kuklinski. Kuklinski was officer of Polish army, praised for his skills and promoted to the rank of lieutenant, he was close to the bureau of strategic planning, he was involved in planning the Warsaw Pact intervention in Czechoslovakia in 1968, but in 1970s he got involved in something that changed his life.

In 1970s Soviet Union was controlling the armies of all Warsaw Pact countries, Polish among them. Kuklinski found the plans of Soviet army, but they were not plans for large scale excercise or just strategic training, they were plans that suggested Soviet Union is preparing for nuclear confrontation in Europe. According to those plans whole Poland was to be nuked and create buffor zone that would slow down the offensive of NATO. Kuklinski decided to act on it - he got in touch with American intelligence and passed them the plans.

For many years Kuklinski was presented in Poland as traitor and if he wouldn’t escape he would be executed. And that’s where the controversies around Kuklinski has started - in a way he was a traitor, because he became secret agent for American intelligence and passed the secrets to, at that time, enemies. On the other hand he acted on higher necessity trying to stop the nuclear war and destruction of his homeland. Kuklinski himself stated, after being cleared of the accusations, that he never gave away any informations about Polish army, he betrayed Soviets.

Jack Strong presents the story of Kuklinski and his cooperation with Americans, but even though it was directed and written by Wladyslaw Pasikowski (who has in past made some dreadful movies) it is actually quite good thriller about Cold War and the spy game. Plot was kept down-to-earth, acting was ok, script was based on real events - overall worth to see.


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