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K-19: The Widowmaker 2002 war movie

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Cold War was a time in which, seemingly, nothing was going on - both sides were building up their arsenals, improving their offensive and defensive capabilities, but there were no direct fires shot. But that was just the public side of the conflict - backstage Cold War was constant struggle, on both sides, not to go an inch too far and start the open conflict. But also it was constant struggle not to show your secrets or weaknesses, which lead to paranoia and situations like the one showed in K-19: The Widowmaker.

In 1961 experienced Captain Alexei Vostrikov takes over command of K-19, one of the first Soviet ballistic missile nuclear submarines. On arrival he finds the crew disorganized and the reactor officer sleeping after few drinks. Captain Mikhail Polenin, who will be replaced by Vostrikov, always kept good relations with the crew and took care of their well-being, but did not always followed the official line of the communist party, thus this sudden demotion. Vostrikov soon learns that K-19 gained a bad reputation due to accidents that already costed lives of few crewmembers and harbour workers. The crew even nicknames the boat The Widowmaker and Vostrikov soon discovers why: just hours before departure ship medical officer dies in car accident and has to be replaced by older harbour medical officer with very little experience aboard the ships. The new reactor officer turns out to be greenhorn straight from the academy, who never served aboard a submarine. The ill-fated patrol begins...

Film based on true events from 1961, shows how the Cold War paranoia was putting in danger the whole human kind and the future of the world was depending on technical or human errors.

K-19: The Widowmaker 2002 war movie cold war thrillers

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