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Admiral / Michiel de Ruyter 2015 Dutch war movie

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After Kenau from 2014 Dutch cinema reached for the story of another of their past heroes, this time Michiel de Ruyter, a Dutch admiral that challenged the English navy in 17th century when his country was in a dire situation. And again they managed to make a war movie that was both visually impressive and at the same time historically accurate (up to a point).

In 17th century Dutch Republic was getting attention from each side - Spain was not happy that Dutch gained independence, French were not happy that Dutch were not part of their own kingdom, English were not happy because Dutch were competing with them for rich merchant routes. The answer was simple - invade them. But it was not that easy since Dutch Republic had one thing that the other were missing at this point - strong navy that was able to defend the coast. During Cromwell era English navy was being reformed to wipe out the Dutch merchants from New World and other colonies, which lead to an open conflict. While Dutch most respected admiral Maarten Tromp was killed in a battle, it was clear signal that their navy have to wake up and be better prepared for another, inevitable, conflict with England. New commander, experienced Michiel de Ruyter, started with complete reform of the tactics, communication and model of the whole navy. Soon his ideas are put to the test when English fleet arrives...

Impressive Dutch war movie about one of their most famous admirals, who challenged the English navy and managed to save the independence of Dutch Republic.


  • Surprisingly the movie was mostly criticized before premiere for glorifying the colonial approach of the Dutch in 17th century, a theme that actually wasn’t even mentioned in the movie.
  • While most of the event were reconstructed with good effort in some parts the story is far from what actually happened, especially during the Battle of Scheveningen, Four Days Battle and Raid on Medway.
  • Among parts of de Ruyter biography that were omitted in the movie are his campaigns on Caribbean Islands and Western Africa, during which he fought with English for the colonies and slavery ports.

Admiral / Michiel de Ruyter 2015 Dutch war movie dutch war movies Dutch navy English navy

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