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Riphagen 2016 Dutch war movie

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German occupation during World War 2 changed the Dutch society forever - some people just tried to survive the terror, some joined the resistance and tried to save the Jews from being sent to concentration camps, some joined the Nazi effort to clear the country of any Jewish people. This turned neighbours against each other, people simply stopped to trust each other since the only way to know who your friends is was to put your life in his hands. But there was another group of people, people like Dries Riphagen, who played by their own rules.

Dries Riphagen was among the Dutch citizens, who joined Nazi side and during the war helped the local police find any Jewish people hiding in Amsterdam. Riphagen was using his pre-war contacts to learn about any people in hiding, which wasn’t easy, but Riphagen had his methods. After searching one of the houses he found elderly Jewish woman Esther Schaap, but instead of taking her to his superiors in German secret police (SD) he did not reported her or the house owners, who were hiding her. Instead he offered Esther a safe place to hide in a building already confiscated by Germans, so no one would think of searching it. He took the jewellery she had, part of it he will gave to SD, rest of it he will keep safe fir Esther. She was surprised Riphagen did not demanded any payment for himself and with time she began to trust him. With her help Riphagen reached other Jews that could use his help, but not everything was as simple as it seemed...

Dutch war movie presenting the true story surrounding Dried Riphagen and his activity during and after World War 2. The story was well written so it is hard to guess from the beginning who is on which side and what exactly is the story.


  • The story is based on true events that took place during and after World War 2.
  • Originally the film was intended to be a three-part miniseries, but for the theatrical release was shortened to a single feature.

Riphagen 2016 Dutch war movie dutch war movies Dutch resistance German occupation

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