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The 13th Warrior 1999 medieval war movie

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This movie was called many things - Omar Sharif called it the worst film in his career, it was sometimes referred as the worst financial flop, sometimes as the flop with biggest budget in history, sometimes it was listed among the worst movies ever. Yes, The 13th Warrior was a financial flop, but comparing to other flops this one was one hell of enjoyable experience.

During his travel through the medieval Europe Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, ambassador from Baghdad, for the first time meets the Vikings. He is intrigued by their culture, their beliefs, not to mention the fear they put in the hearts of their enemy. But while he tries to understand the people of the north they receive the distress message from one of the villages - the inhabitants are terrorized by a mysterious monster of fire that swoops from the mountains and attacks them. The oracle predicts that 13 warriors will rescue the village, but there are only 12 Viking warriors, so Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan becomes the last member of the party. They set out to the village up north, where they meet the people terrified by something that lives in the mountains.

Film based on the Eaters of the Dead novel by Michael Crichton, The 13th Warrior was completely overlook by the audience after the premiere in 1999, but since then gained a fame as one of the best fantasy movies.


  • Originally titled 'Eaters of the Dead', the film went through several re-edits after test audiences did not react well to the initial cut. After re-shooting several key scenes with Michael Crichton taking over as director, the title was changed to 'The 13th Warrior'. The budget, which was originally around $85 million, reportedly soared to more than $110-115 million before principal photography wrapped. With all of the re-shoots and promotional expenses, the total cost of the film was a rumoured $160 million.
  • The film omits an explanation of who the "mist monsters" actually are. In the novel, author Michael Crichton reveals they were the descendants of the Neanderthals.

The 13th Warrior 1999 medieval war movie fantasy war movies Viking warriors mysterious monster

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