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Johnny Mad Dog 2008 French war movie

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Young boy is forced to join the gang that is part of LURD (Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy) rebel forces. He is given a gun and ordered to kill his own father - this is the first part of the brainwashing before he is turned into another child soldier in a civil war in Liberia, another brutal conflict in Africa that destroys the whole country.

During Second Liberian Civil War child soldiers were fighting on both sides - the dictatorship of president Charles Taylor and the rebels from Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy. They were the best weapon both sides could get - disciplined, cheap, easy to manipulate, easy to brainwash and all it took to make them go, kill and rape, was a bit of drugs someone to give them a push. For Johnny Mad Dog and kids in his gang that someone was General Never Die - man just few years older, who was behind them, but never took part in fights himself. He didn’t need to - he had his cannon fodder ready for action, all he had to do is point them in right direction and watch them go. And they did - young man, some of them still kids, killed and raped just like it was a game without consequences, without guilt or conscience.

Brutal French film telling the story of Liberian child soldiers, who roamed the country killing, raping and robbing people, mostly civilians, like machines or just like it was a game. They made up their own rules as they were advancing towards the capitol city, Monrovia. Based on true stories from that conflict Johnny Mad Dog is a powerful message showing how modern times conflicts look like - when there are no rules, people’s lives have no value.


  • Filmed in Liberia, where the real events took place.

Johnny Mad Dog 2008 French war movie french war movies Liberian civil war child soldiers

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