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Spectral 2016 futuristic war movie

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In a country torn by civil war nothing is simple and nothing is certain, but for American forces taking part in conflict in Moldova those words gained new dimension when their combat goggles began to record strange phenomena in the battle zone - some glowing see-through figures. To make things worse some of the soldiers that actually stumbled upon those figures ended up dead in strange circumstances.

Chief engineer from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is ordered to take a trip to battle zone in Moldova, where American forces using his battle goggles began to record some strange sightings. Glowing figures that looks like ghosts were recorded by the cameras attached to the goggles and since no one seen them with naked eye the general in charge of the forces is hoping this is only some malfunction of the equipment. And it could have been malfunction if there wasn’t one small detail - the soldiers that approached the figures were killed by some force that seems to have something to do with the figures.

American sci-fi war movie that takes place during fictional civil war in Moldova, where American special forces have to help the government forces. While most of the film is based on CGI and has more to do with science fiction than typical war movies the mixture actually worked very well in case of Spectral and it is a film that could be attractive to sci-fi fans as well as war movies fans.


  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is real organization that is taking care of research for new technology for American army.

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