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Chittagong 2012 Indian war movie

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In 1930 the independence movements in British India were given a shining example that British Empire was great, but as every empire in history, not that great to be able to control every piece of land they have conquered. In Chittagong (today Bangladesh) a group of teenagers armed with few pistols and rifles were able to take over two vital points of the city, the armoury and police arsenal, and for short period of time make it an independent city.

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War movies blog - the best war movies in history (or sometimes the worst). We search the war movies from around the world - not only classic American war movies or British war movies, but also those less known or just less interesting films from other countries. Each of them presents the different face of the war - some concetrate on soldiers and most important battles in history, but others present the suffering of the civilians and the trauma of the men involved in the fighting.

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