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Chittagong 2012 Indian war movie

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In 1930 the independence movements in British India were given a shining example that British Empire was great, but as every empire in history, not that great to be able to control every piece of land they have conquered. In Chittagong (today Bangladesh) a group of teenagers armed with few pistols and rifles were able to take over two vital points of the city, the armoury and police arsenal, and for short period of time make it an independent city.

In 1930 Surya Sen, called Masterda (due to fact that he was a school teacher and in a way teacher of his followers) was arrested among protesters in Chittagong. Major Johnson, who was sick and tired of the lack of respect shown for the British Empire, this time decided to teach the Indians a lesson and the protesters were bitten up while in the custody. For Masterda it was a turning point - he decided it is time for Indian people to defy the occupants. He started a paramilitary organization that was teaching the followers how to use rifles, but most of the volunteers were teenage boys, who had high spirit, but lacked the experience to form a real army. Nevertheless Surya Sen decided in April 1930 to put his plan in action - he prepared operation that aimed to take over control of two vital points in Chittagong - armoury and police arsenal. His "soldiers" had only few rifles and guns, they needed to take over weapons inside armoury in order to be prepared for the British counter-attack.

Indian movie based on true events that took place in April 1930 in Chittagong, where paramilitary unit attacked local armoury and due to sabotage of telegraph lines and railway they managed to get control of the city for a short time. From military point of view the event had very little value, but for Indian independence movements it was a signal that British Empire might not have that good control over India as they thought. As for film itself it lacks pace, but since it was made in India and for Indians it has to be taken under consideration that their cinema has its own style.


  • The city of Chittagong is now located in Bangladesh with over 2,5 million residents.
  • Bedabrata Pain, writer and director of Chittagong, is former NASA engineer, where he worked on optics technology.

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