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Lenin The Train 1988 political war movie

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In 1917 Germany was struggling to cope with the war - 3 years of conflict did not achieved anything, the forces were stretched on two fronts, food shortages were causing unrest in the German cities and the generals were desperate to find a solution. Moving the units from eastern front to France would give them advantage, but so far the abdication of tsar and Russian Provisional Government did not make any progress in pulling Russia from war. Doctor Parvus came up with unusual solution...

Fighting on two fronts was too much for German forces, World War 1 was a stalemate with no hope of finding a breaking point. Doctor Parvus suggested a solution that was simple, but risky - Lenin, who was in exile in Switzerland was in that plan a key element. According to Parvus, who knew Lenin, he was the man that could ignite the revolution in Russia, which would be the answer to all the problems of the Germans. It would start the internal conflict in Russia, which would be forced to withdraw from war, but while generals agreed in principle they were reluctant to put this plan into action. Parvus was seen as shady character, who was making money on war, not to mention that the tensions inside Germany were high and letting revolutionary pass through their territory was a great danger of starting unrest. The solution was both unique and ingenious - they let the Lenin pass inside the train, but for the time of the travel train will be extraterritorial terrain and Lenin will not make any speeches on the way.

Italian war movie based on true event from World War I that changed the face of the Earth for next 100 years: Lenin, in exile in Switzerland, was given permission to return to Russia. Germans were hoping that this would start the revolution, and they were not wrong, but by solving their wartime problem they caused a lot of future conflicts in Europe (Soviet invasion on Baltic countries, invasion on Poland in 1920, expansion in the east, raise of Stalin). As for political movie it is a decent production with a lot of effort put into recreation of 1917 reality.


  • Ben Kingley also played another vital political figure of 20th century, Gandhi.

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