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Sometimes in April 2005 anti-war movie

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In 1994 the civil war in Rwanda has changed - the Hutu militia took the matters in their own hands and solved the tension between them and Tutsi in worst possible way - by genocide. Civilians were trapped in country turning into chaos, while the world just watched it on TV, not wanting to get involved, even to save the civilians from being killed on the streets.

Hotel Rwanda 2004

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War Movies

In 1994 the whole world did nothing to stop the genocide in Rwanda, where the decades of tensions caused by the colonial past erupted in unstoppable rage and mindless violence. Hutu militia armed machetes prayed on any Tutsi they could have found - no matter if they were adult, children, men or women - they just put their plan of extermination of Tutsi into the action.

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War movies blog - the best war movies in history (or sometimes the worst). We search the war movies from around the world - not only classic American war movies or British war movies, but also those less known or just less interesting films from other countries. Each of them presents the different face of the war - some concetrate on soldiers and most important battles in history, but others present the suffering of the civilians and the trauma of the men involved in the fighting.

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