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Karbala 2015 Polish war movie

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In 2004 unit of Polish forces was sent to Karbala to guard the city hall and adjoining prison for 24 hours, which did not sounded like complicated task, especially since Bulgarian soldiers and 300 Iraqi policemen will be supporting them. But on arrival Captain Kalicki realizes that the situation in city hall is completely different and they will be facing some heavy opposition.

In 2004 Polish forces, as part of the coalition, were present in the Iraq despite the fact that none of their equipment was actually suitable for the mission - the vehicles had insufficient armour, their weapons were not prepared for desert conditions, not to mention that they lacked the air support, especially during the night. Captain Kalicki and his unit is sent to Karbala to protect the city hall and local prison located on the same premises, which does not sound like much of a challenge - he will have Bulgarian commandos unit and 300 Iraqi policemen to help him, plus their shift will only be 24 hours. On arrival to city hall Kalicki quickly realizes that the situation is quite different - the Bulgarians are there to help, but there is no sign of Iraqi policemen, who escaped last night. This means their forces will be very stretched, but the worst part is still to come: rebel militia have captured few Polish soldiers and they plan to use them as human shields.

Polish war movie based on true events that took place in Karbala in 2004, where Poles and Bulgarians had to defend the city without any support for much longer time they have expected and under heavy fire. Karbala is typical last stand movie, but made surprisingly well as for Polish production - some poor quality dialogues are the only weak point of the whole movie.


  • The story is based on true events that were not made public for years after they took place. Few of the Polish soldiers were given distinctions and promotions after the story was made public.
  • The equipment problems shows in the movie were based on facts - the first contingent of Polish forces was using non-armoured cars and soldiers often used the personal bulletproof vests to improve the protection.
  • Actors Michal and Piotr Zurawski that play Waszczuk brothers in Karbala are brothers in real life.

Karbala 2015 Polish war movie polish war movies Polish soldiers Iraq war Iraqi militia Bulgarian soldiers

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