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Oblawa / Manhunt 2012 Polish war movie

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Poland has a long history of wars devastating the country from Middle Ages to the World War 2, so it is not surprising that many movies made in Poland are linked to wars, especially World War 2. Oblawa (Manhunt) is based on the experiences of veteran of Home Army (Armia Krajowa), resistance organization that operated partisans units in occupied Poland. Son of such veteran made it as a tribute to his father, which is praiseworthy, but as it quite typical for modern times Polish movies there are good ideas, but not much skills involved.

Wydra (Otter) is one of the partisans operating in occupied Poland, but his assignment in the unit is unusual. Since he was trained in Great Britain he is more experienced and more skilled than the others, but the tasks he is given are of different nature and require different skills. He is the executioner for the resistance organization, he carries out the death penalties on the collaborators. This made him a shell of a man - he takes his victims on the walk through the woods and shoots them in the head without any emotions, without remorse. But his next target is someone he knows - manager of local mill, who was in the same class with him in the ground school. To make things more complicated his target knows why Wydra visits him, but there are hidden layers in that story...

While the concept for this war movie was rather good, the story interesting, the narration unusual, the final effect is average at best. The actors did well, especially Marcin Dorocinski as cold Wydra, but the annoying flow of vulgarities and strange historical inaccuracies, directing that lacked skill, the poorly written dialogues, some of the cast choices were questionable - all of it turned good concept into film that failed to make full use of its potential.


  • Marcin Krzysztalowicz made this film as a tribute to his father, who fought during the war in Home Army (Armia Krajowa), resistance organization.
  • Adama Krzysztalowicz, father of the creator of Manhunt, was using nickname Wydra (Otter) during the war, just like the main character of the movie.

Oblawa / Manhunt 2012 Polish war movie polish war movies polish partisans armia krajowa

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