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Operation Simoom 1999 Polish spy movie

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Operation Simoom is a shining example of how Polish cinema struggles to deal even with the best stories they have. Film was based on true story, the original events took place just before the Gulf War when American agents were trapped in Iraq, it took clever planning from Polish intelligence to help them. How can you not make a good movie out of it? Well, Wladyslaw Pasikowski managed to...

It is 1990 and the Gulf War seems to be inevitable - Iraqi forces have invaded Kuwait and Americans are preparing to push them back behind their borders. Meanwhile inside Iraq secret police begins to arrest the foreign agents, especially Americans that will be their enemies in upcoming war. Several of CIA agents had to flee their safehouse somewhere in Baghdad and now they are trapped inside country on a verge of war. American ambassador in Warsaw seeks help from Polish intelligence in getting the agents out of Iraq. Polish companies are taking part in major building contracts in that country and should be good cover for Polish agents while they search for Americans. Former Polish agent Jozef Mayer learns that he has only months to live, but this does not bother him much, because his son, engineer working in Iraq, was just arrested by secret police. Soon the two stories begin to link with each other.

While the true events were perhaps not very spectacular (the escape itself was clever enough not to alarm the Iraqi secret police) Wladyslaw Pasikowski took a decent story and turned it into tacky and predictable action flick that is hard to watch - poor script, poor acting and overall another wasted chance.


  • Filmed in Turkey.

Operation Simoom 1999 Polish spy movie polish war movies polish intelligence american intelligence iraq secret police

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