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An Enemy to Die For 2012 Swedish thriller

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German expedition to arctic archipelago of Svalbard reaches their destination in last days of August 1939. Friedrich, head of the expedition, hopes to find prove to continent drift theory. He is excited to join the forces with experts from Sweden and Great Britain in that scientific project, but soon the reality will catch up with them - during the night of 1st September 1939 German forces have invaded Poland.

With German, Russian, British, Swedish and Finnish citizens aboard the fact that war has just broke out did not seem like that big deal at the beginning - Friedrich tries to keep their professional interests away from politics and hopes that rest of the scientists will do the same, but another message from Berlin changes everything. Great Britain have just declared war on Germany and also their ship has just been commissioned to take orders from Kriegsmarine headquarters. The atmosphere aboard was tense, but now they became enemies, even though they seemingly are away from the storm over Europe.

Swedish film that grasps the concept of people trapped in peculiar position when World War 2 breaks out in Europe. Just like in John Wayne’s The Sea Chase they are stuck on a ship and even though they are far away from the events on Polish-German border they are affected by them. But unfortunately creator of An Enemy to Die For, Peter Dalle, made few crucial mistakes while writing the script and the whole story makes very little sense all together. First of all the idea that Germans would organize such expedition just weeks before the war is ridiculous. What is more they would not let foreigners to join the expedition knowing that soon there will be war and they could be a problem aboard. And so on, and so on - there are dozens tiny details that are not historically accurate or make very little sense put together, which pretty much killed the promising project that was a war time thriller set aboard the ship with multinational crew.


  • There is no explanation why would Russian sailors had relatives in Poland, especially Krakow - Krakow was never part of Russian Empire, Russians after defeat in war of 1920 were unlikely to emigrate to Poland anyway.

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