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The Beast 1988 tank movie

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Soviet invasion on Afghanistan in 1980s was first, but unfortunately not last, modern war that took place in that country and it was a warning for any future plans for the aggressors that the mountainous Afghanistan is one of the worst places to invade unprepared. Soviet army put their best weapons for that operation - tanks, airplanes, armoured transporters, assault helicopters - while their opponents had only simple firearms. But the hard conditions in the mountains of Afghanistan proved that the mujahideen fighters were not that defenceless as it might have look like.

In The Beast (originally called The Beast of War) we see attack of the Soviet tanks on small village, where mujahideen fighters armed with recoilless gun and RPGs were able to stop their advance for a while. At that point of conflict US-supplied weapons for mujahideen were the factor that balanced the opponents, but Commander Daskal saw his casualties as something that must be punished. He ordered his people to place one of the defenders under the tank track and run him over. When mujahideen fighters returned to the village and found the mutilated bodies of their people set out to kill the crew of the tank. Daskal made it easier for them since he made mistake and drove the tank straight into the blind valley.

Although the script of The Beast is rather rather simple and at some points even ridiculous, the story itself is quite interesting and shows the brutal reality of War in Afghanistan on both sides - how frustrated were the Russians when simple farmer were able to destroy their tanks and helicopters, how ruthless were the mujahideen in their retaliations. Unfortunately the script of The Beast was far from being perfect and although it is considered to be one of the best tank movies in history.

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