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Down Periscope 1996 war movie

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There were many comedies situated on the edge of army, navy or airforce - all you need is someone not suitable to serve in the army and live weapons. Down Periscope is one of those movies that are made for fun only without any deeper meaning.

Comedy with the eccentric US Navy first officer on nuclear submarine, who again wasn’t promoted to a captain. This time it means that he will be sent to a desk job or will be relieved from service. But admiral, who tries to help him has another task for him – he will take the part of enemy submarine commander in the navy exercise. Another admiral, who isn’t particularly fond of him, does his bit too by assigning him… a World War 2 submarine for this mission.

Military comedy starring Kelsey Grammer (known from Frasier and Cheers) and Lauren Holly (known from Dumb and Dumber) in charge of navy drop-outs onboard of obsolete submarine trying to outsmart the experienced navy commanders in the impossible mission. More about Down Periscope.


  • The real World War 2 submarine was used in the movie - USS Pampanito (SS 383) that completed six war patrols from 1944 to 1945 and served as a Naval Reserve Training ship from 1960 to 1971.
  • Actor Harry Dean Stanton, who played Chief Engineer named Howard actually served in the navy during World War 2.
  • Tom Arnold was originally offered the part of Tom Dodge, but turned it down.

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