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What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? 1966 war comedy

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During World War 2 American unit arrives to small village Valerno in Sicily. Their commander, Captain Cash, expects some resistance from Italian forces inside, but village seems to be empty. Apart from soccer field, where soldiers are taking part in the match. Italian Captain Oppo seems to be happy to finally surrender to Americans, but he puts one surprising condition - his men are allowed to stay in the village one more day to take part in the wine festival. And for him it is a deal-breaker...

Blake Edwards, who’s Pink Panther comedies became icons of the genre, this time approach a theme of war, especially the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943. When Americans arrive to Valerno they expect Italians to put up a fight, but instead Italians have prepared American song to greet them with. This is not the end of surprises for strict Captain Cash - Italians demand they are allowed to finish the wine festival, otherwise the surrendering business is off. Easy-going Lieutenant Christian manages to convince Cash that postponing the surrender of Italian garrison is far better than fighting for it and risking lives of men since Italians do want to surrender anyway. That little gesture will have the consequences that Christian did not expected and Cash did not wanted.

The story is simple, yet entertaining, the cast is very good and soundtrack includes work of another Pink Panther collaborator, Henry Mancini. A good piece of fun.


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