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Where is the General 1963 classic war comedy

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Polish army supporting Red Army was pushing through their homeland making it hard for Wehrmacht to prepare defence lines. But even the best unit will not reach its targets when there is a jinx among the soldiers. At least that is what they believed while looking at Private Orzeszko, because everything the touched instantly turned into catastrophe not only for him, but also for the rest of his platoon.

So what do you do with a guy that brings bad luck for the whole unit, but also is lucky enough not to be hurt by the enemy fire? You send him as far away as possible for any reason really. And that is exactly what they did with Private Orzeszko - they sent him to back for some committee meeting and they thought that is the end of their problems. But bad luck of Private Orzeszko did not stopped there - his jeep was hit by enemy artillery barrage and he was forced to change his plans. He stumbled upon a castle hidden deep in the forest, where there seems to be large supply of wine in the barrels. But it was too much luck for him - young Soviet soldier Marusia, was left behind as a guard to stop soldiers from getting drunk and she will stop at nothing to scare them off. Including Orzeszko, who actually gets shot by her...

Polish classic war comedy concentrating on the unlikely allies, unlucky Orzeszko and beautiful Soviet girl Marusia, as they accidentally arrest the German general while his unit surrounds them. Plenty of great gags and great cast that includes Polish finest comedy actors of the era - Jerzy Turek, Boleslaw Plotnicki, Waclaw Kowalski and also beautiful Elzbieta Czyzewska.


  • When the movie was filmed Poland was still communist party and despite the very light main theme of Where is the general for some unexplainable reason communist party members responsible for culture were opposing the script and it was close call if the movie will even be filmed.

Where is the General 1963 classic war comedy war comedies polish soldiers eastern front German general

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