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Jarhead 2: Field of Fire

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It often makes me wonder how direct-to-video projects (like Company of Heroes, Battle Force or Jarhead 2) are able to gather enough money to be actually filmed. I mean if you use title of popular computer game in title it means that you have the gimmick to gather some viewers, but if someone thought he would actually make money on it... no comment.

Company of Heroes was cheap production (although with few well known actors in the cast) trying to earn some money on computer games fans. Battle Force was cheap production that was made... God knows why. But Jarhead 2? Even the first movie wasn’t that great - it showed the first Gulf War, it showed some backstage view how it looked away from the media coverage, but what was left from that story, that would make a sequel justified?

First question that pops into mind is why? Why the hell anyone would want to make a sequel 10 years after the original movie? Second question - if they hoped people who liked the first one would be interested in sequel then why it is straight-to-video movie? And the third question - what new movie has to do with previous one? Actually the last question is easy - absolutely nothing. It takes place in Afghanistan, there have no incommon characters, the style is different, the message is different (if there is one), almost everything is different.

Even the team that wrote the scipt was different (two not very talented nor experienced writers), director was different (another poor judgement - obviously the guy only know one technique: close ups with NYPD Blue motion effects). Battle Force was using tagline "The Worst Is Yet To Come" and I’m pretty sure they were trying to warn us all that Jarhead 2 will make anything else look so much better.


  • Classic stock sound known as "Wilhelm scream" is heard at 1:32 as a lone man falls down.
  • Director Don Michael Paul was also responsible for such titles as Company of Heroes, Sniper: Legacy and Sniper: Ghost Shooter.

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