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Journey’s End 2017 British war movie

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World War 1 was a conflict about nothing - the participants did not really planned to gain new lands, new influences, new trade markets nor it was was based on religious or other ideology. The conflict started about nothing and carried on without any purpose consuming more lives than any previous conflict. This conflict was suppose to end all wars, which it failed, but every war movie about World War 1 reminds us how terrified times the conflict really was. Of course not for the generals, but for the simple people stuck in damp trenches just waiting to die.

Young and full of idealistic dreams 2nd Lieutenant Raleigh joins his unit on the western front in 1918. He does not worry about what will happen to him because of the simple fact that he will be assigned to unit lead bu his school days friend, Captain Stanhope. Even though he keeps hearing that Stanhope is not the same person any more, Raleigh still sees an idol in him. Meanwhile Germans are gathering units in that part of the front, which means that a big push is about to start. German prisoner gives the British date of the upcoming offensive, just few days away, which brings another drop in morale among the Britons. They know their equipment and supplies are not enough to survive, they can’t count on reinforcements, they have no chance to survive.

Journey’s End is one of those World War 1 movies that shows the impact of constant danger and killing on every man that took part in the conflict - it was something that you just could not get used to. The simple, yet powerful story of Journey’s End shows the atmosphere among the soldiers, who await the inevitable - enemy will soon attack and most likely none of them will survive.


  • While researching his family history, actor Sam Claflin discovered that his great-great-grandfather was in a battalion posted to the Battle of St. Quentin, the same battle depicted at the end of the film.

Journey’s End 2017 British war movie world war 1 movies

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