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American Major Pike is one of the Overlords, high rank Allied officers with detailed knowledge of the upcoming landing operation in Normandy. While he is visiting Lisbon in 1944 German intelligence tries to kidnap him, but what they have planned for him is not senseless beating in the dark cellar.

Major Pike wakes up in military hospital not remembering anything. There is beautiful woman by his side, who turns out to be his wife Anna. Soon his doctor visits him, Major Gerber, and tries to explain the disoriented officer how he got here. He learns that he has suddenly collapsed and his wife brought him to this hospital. Everything would be just fine if not one detail - Pike is informed that it is year 1950 and he can’t really remember anything since 1944. He does not remember that D-Day was success, that the war is already over and that Third Reich doesn’t exist anymore. Pike is still disoriented, but Major Gerber ensures him that the amnesia is only temporary. To stimulate Pike’s memory he suggests a simple exercise - Pike should tell him everything he can recall starting with the D-Day landings preparations.

American war movie based on the brilliant short story Beware of the Dog by British novelist Roald Dahl. Unfortunately American writers decided to work around that script and came up with horrible idea that viewers should know from the beginning what Germans have planned for Pike. Really, what is the point of taking brilliant story and then trying to improve it? Either it is brilliant and you should leave it as it is or it isn’t brilliant, so what’s the point of making film based on poor script? I have no idea what came over them, but it was one of the worst decisions ever to adapt Beware of the Dog in that particular way.


  • British officers that had the knowledge of upcoming invasion in France were called Bigots and (except for Winston Churchill himself) were forbidden from leaving country prior to D-Day.
  • Similar film Code Name: Emerald was made in 1985 starring Ed Harris and Eric Stoltz.
  • Story by Luis Vance and Carl K. Hittleman was used as base for this movie, which later proved to be strangely similar to Roald Dahl story.

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