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Age of Heroes 2011 British war film

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Ian Fleming, later famous as creator of James Bond character and author of novel about Agent 007, during World War 2 took part in operation that was perhaps not as exciting as the adventures of the character he created, but still of equally great importance to the world. Fleming was organizing No. 30 Commando unit, later renamed into 30 Assault Unit, a commandos group that operated in Europe as part of British intelligence - from collecting pieces of information to capturing enemy bases at the end of the war. Age of Heroes tells the story of one of the operations of No. 30 Commando.

In 1940 British army had to retreat from France, lost the Norway campaign, was humiliated in Dunkirk and Hitler was already planning to invade Great Britain. In those circumstances British intelligence had to come up quickly with the solutions that would give them any advantage over enemy and the commando units were one of those solutions - operating behind enemy lines, striking at vital targets or gather pieces of informations. Age of Heroes tells the story of such operation - Major Jack Jones gathers a platoon of soldiers to prepare them for the planned raid in Norway.

He has to train them well, since he is the one that will be leading them in the operation. Their target are radar installations in occupied Norway - British are desperate to learn as much as possible about German technology in radio detecting since soon they will have to face Nazi forces climbing up the white cliffs of Dover. Together with Norwegians, guide Steinar Mortensen and resistance member Jensen, they are parachuted behind enemy lines. They reach their target, but then have to worry about finding a way back to Britain.

Despite being kept down to earth, with decent level of realism Age of Heroes lacks in other departments - not very impressive CGI, story that lacks pace, characters that lack depth. Based (or rather loosely based) on real events it could have been a great war movie, but instead it is production with potential that simply failed to deliver.


  • Film is very loosely based on the real No. 30 Commando operations, but do not show any actual mission.

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