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Allies 2014 British war movie

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During World War 2 there were many small operations that perhaps were not very impressive, but vital to the whole outcome of war. Allies presents one of such operations, although it is not exactly clear what real events inspired the creators to write that story, because the movie itself can hardly be called realistic.

August 1944, Allied forces are looking for a way of breaking out of Normandy, but German defence is well prepared. American intelligence receives information about German general, who will be travelling with vital maps near the front line. Those maps contain the Wehrmacht plans and could significantly shorten the whole war. Five soldiers are chosen to be parachuted behind enemy lines to prepare an ambush - American Captain Jackson and four British soldiers. Britons are not happy that Yankee is gonna lead them in dangerous operation, but due to lack of time and resources they are chosen to carry out the attack on general. After being dropped behind enemy lines the five men try to keep the low profile and reach their destination as quick as possible. Jackson knows the are as a back of his hand - he used to live here as teenager. Now it is up to him to find the safe way.

British war movie that tells the story of overcoming differences in the face of enemy and sacrificing yourself for the good of the others. Despite the fact that story is quite interesting, battle scenes were done with decent effort, the film is rather disappointing. It could have been a good, simple war story, but creators tried hard to put some special elements in it and just went too far.


  • Just like in case of Saints and Soldiers people from reenactment groups were used in the battle scenes.
  • Although creators suggest the story was inspired by true events it is unknown what exactly they were.
  • Edmund Kingsley, playing Private Yorkie Jones in Allies, is son of Sir Ben Kingsley.

Allies 2014 British war movie world war 2 movies behind enemy lines

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