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Below 2002 submarine movie

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The are not many settings more claustrophobic than interior of submarine - people stuck inside metal cigar with not privacy and no living space, where every inch of the space is dedicated to war purposes. In such settings it is not hard to build a dense atmosphere and that is how Below starts...

In 1943 submarine USS Tiger Shark was on patrol in North Atlantic. Lieutenant Brice, commander of that sub, received coordinates from flying boat Catalina. They have spotted survivors on lifeboat stranded in the middle of the ocean, but due to fuel shortage were unable to land and pick them up. Brice gives the orders to locate the lifeboat and before dusk Tiger Shark spots the survivors. When they approach them German destroyer suddenly appears nearby and USS Tiger Shark has to submerge quickly. During the procedure of emergency dive sailors realize that one of the survivors is actually a woman. According to old superstition woman aboard submarine brings bad luck, but with approaching enemy they had little time to dwell about it. Germans attack the submarine using some sort of metal hooks dragged behind their destroyer and finally one of those attacks destroys the periscopes of Tiger Shark. Crew finds out that another of the survivors is a German soldier and all of the rescued three were aboard hospital ship. But things just begin to get weird aboard the sub.

American war film that mixes typical submarine story with horror elements and surprisingly it actually works just fine considering similar productions (such as Deathwatch or The Bunker). The cast is not particularly impressive, the realism of the film is very low (just to mention the underwater hooks used by the German destroyer to attack the sub), but it doesn’t actually matter. Overall the film is quite entertaining, the claustrophobic interiors of the sub set perfect background for this story of mystery and horror. Below is one of the films that you would love to hate, but it’s not easy.


  • Some filming for this movie took place on an actual WW2 submarine. The USS Silversides (which is available for tours) located in Muskegon Michigan was towed out into the middle of Lake Michigan where scenes with Bruce Greenwood were filmed. The Silversides had some minor re-painting done (rust coloration), but is now back to her original gray color. The rest of the sets and models used in this movie were all based on the look and layout of the Silversides.

Below 2002 submarine movie world war 2 movies

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