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Flags of Our Fathers 2006 American war movie

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The problem with modern American war movies is that either they were made as adventure flicks that had very little to do with reality or they try too hard to be important, to be accurate, to be patriotic and tell the true story from war times. Flags of Our Fathers is unfortunately the shining example of trying too hard.

In 1945 American forces were preparing for another invasion on Pacific island, this time Iwo Jima, a small volcanic island with very little value outside of the war time. But during the war the island was not only used as an airfield, thus valuable for the both sides of the conflict, but for Japanese it had additional value since Iwo Jima was part of their mainland islands. The Marines await the attack, but realize that Japanese will defend each piece of the land until the last breath. The informations about Japanese atrocities on Allied prisoners do not help them prepare for the landing, but the officers are mostly worried about enemy defences... or rather the fact that they are surprisingly quiet so far. Few of the Marines will play a special part in that operation, although they still don’t know about that.

Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima were developed as look from both sides on the conflict through a single battle. While Letters from Iwo Jima was an impressive production Flags of Our Fathers failed on many levels, beginning with the story itself. The raising of the flag on Mount Suribachi was an episode of the battle that was later used by propaganda machine, but of little importance for that battle or the rest of the conflict. To show that the flag on the photo was actually a different flag... makes very little difference. To show the fate of people involved was a questionable idea...


  • The original of the photo Marines look at aboard the ship is evidence of Japanese atrocities held in the Australian War Memorial. It is dated 24 October 1943, was taken in Aitape, New Guinea, shows Sergeant Leonard G. Siffleet about to be beheaded with a sword by Yasuno Chikao.

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