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Hacksaw Ridge 2016 American war movie

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Since the success of Band of Brothers Americans were trying to find a true World War 2 story that could be equal to this amazing mini-series. First there was Pacific mini-series based on similar idea, but failed to gain much recognition, later there was Unbroken that was far from being even remotely interesting, British The Railway Man was similarly hard to be called a great success. Hacksaw Ridge was based on amazing World War 2 story and... failed even worse.

While World War 2 was coming closer to his home a Seventh-day Adventist Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector on religious grounds, decides to join the army. For him military service is a solemn duty to his country, but at the same time he does not want to kill anyone. What is more, during the basic training, he refused to even carry a gun, which enraged his superiors. Things gone worse when they started to turn the rest of the unit against him. But despite all of it Doss stayed and finished the training as a unit medic, a role that did not obligated him to carry any weapon. This lead to one of the most surprising events of Battle of Okinawa...

While this war movie was based on really amazing true story it is hard to tell at what point the whole project went bad. First of all the part that takes place before Okinawa is very slow, uneven, has too strong religious overtones, while the culmination of the Hacksaw Ridge, the Hacksaw Ridge scenes, are not that impressive. Yes, there is a lot of blood and body parts flying around, but at the same time the core of the story, character of Doss, is cartoonish and the most brave things he done on top of that cliff are almost omitted in the movie.


  • Desmond's prior combat at the Battle of Guam and the Battle of Leyte were skipped over, making it seem as if the Battle of Okinawa was his first combat experience.

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