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Hell is for Heroes 1962 American World War 2 movie

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During 1960s American war movies were going through new phase - instead of glorifying the World War 2 there were movies with anti-war message or building adventure movies around the theme of war. Hell is for Heroes is actually both...

American forces have reached the Siegfried Line and it seems that soon they will enter the German homeland, but Wehrmacht is not defeated yet. The combat-weary platoon of Sergeant Larkin is given the long awaited rest and recuperation orders, but while they were preparing for their break from combat their orders have been changed. According to US intelligence Germans are preparing for counter-attack through Siegfried Line and Larkin’s platoon is given the task of guarding the part of Siegfried Line, which turns out to be quite unrealistic - their area is about mile wide and Larkin has only few soldiers to cover that stretch of the front line. Since German division is closing on their position the only hope for Americans is to convince the enemy they are facing a much larger unit.

Hell is for Heroes was devised as anti-war movie, but instead became one of the many action flicks that were using World War 2 as a basis for the production.


  • Filmed mainly on soundstages, although the final battle scene was filmed on location in northern California.

Hell is for Heroes 1962 American World War 2 movie world war 2 movies American army Siegfried Line

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