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Alfred Hitchcock gained his reputation of master of mystery by finding some tense atmosphere where it would be hard to find it. Lifeboat, similar to The Lady Vanishes, is shining example of such approach to story-telling - there were many stories about about people stranded in the middle of the ocean, but Hitchcock added an element to that changed everything - one of the survivors is actually an enemy.

During World War 2, after their ship was sank by German U-Boat few of the survivors are drifting on a lone lifeboat. They are stranded somewhere in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and most probably no one knows their position, so it is highly unlikely anyone will come to their rescue. But among the survivors there is German sailor, who was aboard the submarine that attacked the ship and now he is in the exactly the same situation as the victims of the attack. The passengers are hostile towards him, but since he is the only one among them that has experience in sailing their chances of survival are much higher id he will be in charge of rowing and navigation. With very little food and almost no drinking water, somewhere in the middle of Atlantic they understand that in order to survive they have to trust each other and work together.

Alfred Hitchcock’s brilliant thriller set aboard the lifeboat in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, where set of random character end up after their ship was sank and have to find the way to cooperate not only with each other, but also with enemy. Tense atmosphere, thirst and hunger, lack of trust and the echoes of the war - all of it created a great thriller.


  • Asked why he had decided not to have any musical score during the narrative of his film Lifeboat, Alfred Hitchcock reasoned that the audience wouldn't know where the music was coming from in the middle of an ocean: the composer David Raskin replied "Ask Mr Hitchcock to explain where the camera came from and I'll tell him where the music comes from".

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