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Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence 1983 war movie

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The war takes place at the front lines, in the occupied cities, but also in secluded places, where the soldiers captured by enemy are kept away until the conflict will end. There were several approaches to the theme of prisoners-of-war camp, f.e. Bridge on the River Kwai, Stalg 17, Rescue Dawn, The Password Is Courage, but Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is completely different from all of them.

Colonel John Lawrence has a tough task - while being one of the prisoners in Japanese POW camp somewhere on Java he tries to keep the balance between the Allied prisoners and the guards. He has knowledge about the Japanese culture, which makes him understand more about what is going on around him, the camp commander Captain Yonoi and Sergeant Hara trust him enough to allow him to spend some time with them. They use him as sort of mediator to keep the fragile peace inside the camp - he understands the mentality of the Allied prisoners and has basic understanding of Japanese mentality, which helps him to guide Yonoi and Hara as well as the highest officer among prisoners to avoid conflicts. But arrival of new prisoner, Major Jack Celliers, destroys the balance...

British drama that takes place in POW camp during World War 2. While in spirit it is similar to other war movies that tells the story of the prisoners of war, the story concentrates not on the prisoners or guards, but rather on the similarities and differences between the two groups that lead to conflict.


  • While based on book by British soldier that was prisoner during World War 2 the director was Japanese Nagisa Oshima, which gives the insight from both cultures.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence 1983 war movie world war 2 movies British prisoners Japanese guards

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