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Saints and Soldiers 2003 American war movie

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In December 1944 Hitler put the fate of his nation in last bold operation - all the offensive units Wehrmacht had available were put together to push towards Antwerp in Belgium in order to break the flood of Allied forces to the continent. Since the German fuel supplies were really stretched the spearhead of the offensive through Ardennes could not waste time or effort on dealing with prisoners, which lead to SS-handled massacres in Malmedy and other Belgian villages.

In Malmedy the American prisoners were gathered in a field near the crossroads, where SS shoot them using machine guns. Few of the survivors managed to escape into the forests, where they were chased by the German soldiers. Corporal Greer, called Deacon due to his priest-like approach to life, manages to take the rifle away from German soldier, but instead of shooting him, he let him go free. The four Americans use the time to run away from the place of the massacre and find a place to hide from the Germans and the cold. Their situation looks grim - they have only 3 bullets in the rifle, no food and no idea where exactly they are. The only think they are sure of is they are behind enemy lines and as the Malmedy proved Germans will not take prisoners. Crash airplane will change their plans completely...

American war movie made on a really low budget with very limited cast. The story of the Malmedy survivors was based on true stories of American soldiers that managed to stay alive behind enemy lines and reach their units, but the whole thing is only loosely based on fate of actual soldiers - the creators put together a single story from pieces that happened to different people in 1944. Overall an average war movie that shows the atmosphere of Battle of the Bulge, but not on the frontline like in Battleground or Company of Band of Brothers, in style and story Saints and Soldiers is more like Australian movie Kokoda.


  • Film made on low budget using World War 2 re-enactment volunteers and filmed in Utah.
  • Contrary to first scene in Saints and Soldiers there are no evidence that would suggest American prisoners were killed in Malmedy due to escape attempt, it was the SS idea from the beginning to just kill them.

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