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Saving Private Ryan 1998 epic war movie

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Premiere of Saving Private Ryan was a revolution in the genre - before 1998 there were several approaches to war movies, from adventure driven ones (like Operation Burma or Kelly’s Heroes) to documentary-like blockbuster productions (like Midway or Tora Tora Tora), but there was nothing like Saving Private Ryan, nothing so intense, so real, so jaw-dropping and at the same time so terrifying. Steven Spielberg and Janusz Kaminski came up with perfect recipe by decreasing the saturation, adding sharper image and more dynamic camerawork.

The scenes in Saving Private Ryan were just astonishing - everything looks like it is dusty and dirty, the soldiers are not brave GIs straight from the recruiting posters - they are worn out, tired and disillusioned people, who are given orders that makes no sense to them. From the very first moment the film makes it clear what you can expect - the shocking Omaha Beach scenes were so life-like that many of the D-Day survivors were going through trauma again, reliving the horror the got through over 50 year earlier.

Saving Private Ryan is a movie that leaves no one indifferent - you can love war movies, you can hate them, but after watching the gore at Omaha Beach you will definitely see world in a different way. For some people it was shocking, for some it was excessive realism, but it was a chance to see and feel what the young men felt while jumping out of the landing crafts on the blood-soaked sand of Omaha Beach straight under the machine gun nests in 1944.

Amazing film that changed the genre of war movies forever - since 1998 many productions were trying to reach the same level of realism, gore and depth at the same time (f.e. Fury or Assembly), but none of them put together all the pieces in a way Steven Spielberg did in Saving Private Ryan.


  • All of the main cast members, except for Matt Damon, underwent strict army training. Damon was left out so the rest of the actors would more realistically show their resentment towards Ryan.

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